Shoe typography

Typography on shoes! Recently upgraded my basketball sneakers from the 2003 Nike Uptempo's to the Kevin Durant's. The Uptempos have been my basketball shoes since playing for the RISD Balls (2000-2005). 6 years and a lot of crossovers later, it was time for a new pair. I had no idea how dirty/worn the old shoes actually were until placed next to the new ones. 

The KD's caught my eye the minute I walked into Foot Locker. Nike nailed it with the color scheme. I was looking for a white shoe, and there is just enough "flair" to make these work. Then, when I saw the stitched 35 on the side I was sold. (On top of a low sticker price). The 35 is well balanced, great texture, and cropped just right. Overall, a beautiful shoe. Thanks for the memories, Uptempo. Great job Nike. Now if only all of Nike's shoes could be made from recycled content like Trash Talk.

(update) After my first game, they are light weight, easy to cut with, and provide good ankle support. *Excellent performance*